How to enroll to a specific class?

We enroll students based on the grade of schooling, proficiency in coding, and the student’s preference. Please enroll your information for more detail.

When is the school enrollment day?

The BrightBrain is always enrolling, as we deliver classes online. The rolling enrolment will synchronize with the next schedule of classes.

How long is the courses duration?

Our courses have a different pathway of learning in each course. The duration of a course would depend on the pathway student are enrolled in. For example, the C++ course has 17 classes and we anticipate a 4 months duration to complete this pathway. Please see the detail of Baby Genius, Junior Sheldon, and Einstein courses.

How many classes in a week and when?

We plan to do a maximum of 2 classes per week for a batch of students. Generally class time will be arranged based on the most students availability.

How could I monitor the progress?

We have an online portal, Moodle for students, where the progress and other milestones will be posted. Students will get access to the portal after enrollment.

Is there any certificate after complition of course?

We have a certificate after completion of the course. This certificate would be kept in a secured online system for lifetime access with an extra fee.

How much it cost for course?

We have different tuition fees for different courses and pathways. Please see the tuition page for more detail.

Do you have scholarship?

We have special scholarship. Please contact us for detail.

What if someone miss a class?

Our educators would help to get back. But we encourage students to attend all classes on time.

Do we need any special school supply or software?

We do provide resources online. Students would require a computer (Windows or Mac), internet connection, and webcam to attend our classes. Please contact our admin for any special requirement.

Can we take multiple courses at the same time?

We do suggest going through one course at a time. But depending on the students’ preference and progress we may allow taking multiple courses at the same time. Please contact us for more detail.

Where is the form to sign up?

To simplify all signup process. We are using only one form to register your interest with the school. Please fill up this form: If you have any questions please reach us here: contact us.