We develop the brightest kids by igniting curiosity and innovation in their minds.

  • Online but live teaching

    We teach online for your convenience. But we do not show any recorded videos like others. Our classes are curated carefully and delivered by trained and experienced teachers.

  • Teaching method from MIT, Google, and NASA

    We use scratch, the teaching platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MA, USA. The code we would teach is the same used in Google, NASA, and other tech giants.

  • Fun and creative teaching method

    Our teaching philosophy is to make kids curious and motivate them to innovate ideas. Our lessons have a fun activity such as coding games, fun word matching task, and game making.

  • Personal and one-by-one teaching option

    We do a small class. Our timing is flexible. We also have a special one-to-one class if determined by the team.